LOCKDOWN: 25/03/20 11.59PM

I am writing this on the morning of Sunday 29th March, 2020. Day four.

New Zealand has been in full lockdown since 11.59pm Wednesday 25th March: all businesses are closed except for essential services; everyone must stay at home, unless they are leaving their neighbourhood for an essential errand (i.e to visit the supermarket or pharmacy). We are allowed to go for a walk in our local area, but must observe physical distancing rules of 2 metres separation if we encounter another person. The only people we are allowed close contact with are those we live with, aka our Bubble.

Predictions are that it will be at least twelve months before a vaccine will be available for the virus. We are all soldiers now, fighting a battle against Covid-19. There are parts of the world that are still living freely – I fear for them.

This is a blog about life in Level 4 Lockdown in New Zealand.

Be safe, stay home.



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